Track Hire & Track Days

Our new tarmac circuit was completed at the end of March 2011 and we opened for business as planned 4th May.

Although the transformation of Blyton Park is “Work in Progress” we can now offer a wide range of driving opportunities with facilities which ensure that you should be comfortable. These include toilets, showers and a new amenities building with briefing rooms, kitchen facility and wi-fi.

Our Circuit Control office is now heated and wired to the mains electric so generators and mobile toilets are thankfully things of the past!

Dry storage area is available with mains services so if the weather does its worst, vehicles can be worked on away from the worst of the elements.

The circuit is generally available week days for competition car testing (road registered cars are not permitted) from £185 plus VAT for a half day. The new circuit has been used for this purpose many times since May virtually every sort of race and rally car from Formula Ford to Formula One and from racing 2CV’s to the Audi R8 LMS GT3 car.

The track day community seem to enjoy the unique nature of our new circuit. The combination of a technical track with largely tarmac run-off areas and a lack of kerbs seems to appeal to drivers of all sort of cars, we have also welcomed the “Two Wheeled” fraternity for Novice Days only.

Track days are promoted by Javelin, Mazda on Track and Lotus on Track with other companies looking at us for 2012.

Please see our calendar for details or visit:

In addition to the main circuit we have a skidpan area and various tarmac and concrete areas where any competition vehicles including rally cars can be shaken down and set up.