December 2014 Update

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We enjoyed a wonderful warm Summer with the usual array of exotic migrants such as United Autosports’ beautiful Porsche 962 taking to the track. However, as this picture shows, we did not escape the odd thundery downpour which caused a flash flood at Lancaster on this occasion. This was amongst the more unusual car and tow-car combinations: the owner assured me that the Bentley’s fuel consumption was barely altered by the addition of the Marcos!

It was a great Summer of Sprinting with the MDA, MAC and Westfield SCC all running numerous events with the usual eclectic entry lists. The weather made these events even more enjoyable and the course record was lowered on July 12th by this mighty Judd-powered Gould.

Scunthorpe Poly CC enjoyed the Summer evenings and Steve and Sue Parsons worked tirelessly to ensure that the cyclists enjoyed their racing.

July brought a crop of really interesting machinery including the fearsome JCB GT, shaking down for a promotional tour of Australia, the legendary Jaguar XJ13 complete with Norman Dewis, the ex-Mario Andretti Lola F5000 (pic, pic) and Graham North’s wonderful Minardi.

August started in a surreal way with the guys from “MotorPunK” with yet another Bentley complete with “Mach-meter”, Spitfire starter switch and of course a caravan. We also hosted BriSkoda’s annual gathering with some venerable 80’s classics in attendance. I also drove this lovely little Frog Eye Sprite which was here with the famous Lola-Aston-Martin (pic, pic, pic) and the unique ex-Graham Hill Brabham “lobster claw” (pic, pic).

Our many friends from the world of Automotive Publishing continue to be a source of entertainment and delight with new models and going back to the surreal theme: the Auto Express Van Track Battle which was also an August feature. The sight of a Long Wheel Base Transit on full opposite lock was truly weird.