Statement from Richard Usher

After much speculation over the past few months, I am delighted to confirm that I have sold Blyton Park to Ginetta, which is owned by motorsport enthusiast Lawrence Tomlinson.

As part of the sale, I was asked by Ginetta to stay on as Managing Director of Blyton Park, which I am very pleased to have accepted. Ginetta’s top priority is completely aligned to mine, which is to ensure Blyton Park continues to be the UK’s busiest circuit, enjoyed by drivers, motorsport fans and manufacturers alike.

I’d like to assure you that for us at Blyton Park, it is going to be business as usual boosted with the investment we need to make improvements for the benefit of all our customers. We’re proud of the flexibility the circuit offers and we will protect that.

For those of you who are unaware of Lawrence’s background, he is a passionate motorsport supporter and is a successful racing driver himself, having won his class at Le Mans 24 Hr in 2006 in a Panoz. The very first car he raced in was a Ginetta so it was only fitting that he should buy the Company in 2005. For Lawrence, the brand had a great heritage, linked to the foundations of British race car manufacturing, which deserved preserving and reinvigorating for the benefit of the sport. So over the past decade, he has taken it from a kit car manufacturer and raised the brand above and beyond the glory days of its reputation in the 1970’s. Now known for its motorsport ladder taking young and new drivers form their first race all the way into LMP racing, Ginetta has brought many new drivers into the sport.

None of this would have been possible without Lawrence’s commitment to the sport more broadly and the patient capital he was willing to invest personally. No-one has done more to make racing accessible to more competitors than Lawrence and Ginetta.

Ginetta is therefore approaching the investment in Blyton Park in very much the same way. Protecting and bolstering the fantastic motorsport industry in the UK, from cars to bikes – whatever the creed – Blyton Park will be a venue where ardour for the sport will continue to burn strongly in all its forms.

I’d like to thank you all for your continued loyalty. I am thrilled to have found such a perfect partner in Ginetta to share my vision and enable me to keep an active role in the future of Blyton Park.

Richard Usher