Motorsport has been enjoyed at Blyton Park since 1954. Today, the circuit plays host to a multitude of motorsport disciplines on both two wheels and four.

Drive a Ginetta G40 GRDC Race Car

The Ginetta G40 GRDC race car is currently one of the most exciting, exhilarating and fun professional racing cars tearing up the UK’s motor racing scene. You can exclusively hire one of these one of a kind race cars directly at Blyton Park to really push your driving skills to the max. Visit them at:


Sprinting is a high-speed discipline in which drivers take turns to set a time around a lap of a race circuit , with the fastest times determining the results. Sprinting at Blyton Park takes place on the main circuit with up to four cars on track at any one time. The cars are scrutineered to MSA noise regulations.


Essentially a mixture of Rallying and Circuit Racing, you can expect to see plenty of sideways, wheel-to-wheel action with cars often running four-abreast into a corner!  This exciting form of car racing is held on a mixed-surface circuit, with modified production or specially built road cars. Rallycross at Blyton Park has up to six cars racing each other on a mile-long course at the Northern part of the site which is part asphalt and part gravel. The cars are scrutineered to MSA noise regulations.


Rallying is a style of motorsport that which featured modified production or specially built road-legal cars. Rallying at Blyton Park runs on a pre-defined course with all entrants competing against the clock. Typically, there will be up to five cars on the course at any one time, with each vehicle released from the start line at timed intervals.  The cars are scrutineered to MSA noise regulations.


Autograss racing is a high action form of motorsport at a relatively low cost. The aim is to tackle a temporary course, usually in a grass or stubble field, against the clock. Blyton Park’s Autograss circuit was built in 1994 and is currently developed and promoted by the Scunthorpe and District Motor Sport Club (SDMSC). Vehicles should be fitted with silencers which comply with ‘Motor Vehicle Construction and Use Regulations 1973.’

What else?

Blyton Park is an ideal venue for shows, product launches, media testing and club events. The central offices and hospitality areas can be adapted specifically for your needs. Please get in touch with us directly by phone or email to discuss your requirements.