Discover, Develop, Enjoy…

Driving on track should be about ENJOYMENT. Whatever car you drive, increased knowledge coupled with increased confidence will increase your enjoyment behind the wheel.

The fundamental concept of Blyton Park’s Advanced Driving Academy is to deconstruct the art of driving in simple modular stages. Through increased understanding of what the car actually does in response to driver commands for more or less speed and changes of direction, the student is taken on a journey which will increase confidence and ability to extract more from the car.

The content of the Academy course is the work of Mark Hales who in a career spanning nearly 40 years has not only won more than 200 races, but also written for most of the UK’s Motoring Publications. Mark has driven virtually every form of racing car but has also tested most of the significant performance road cars of the last 30 years. Recently he has driven both the La Ferrari and McLaren P1 and has been Managing Editor of Track Driver Magazine.

Mark’s fusion of professional driving and communications skills, as well as his wealth of driving experience gives him a unique ability to coach drivers of all ages and ambitions in a quest to increase both their level of skill and their level of thrill.

“Man and Machine in Perfect Harmony” may be a copywriter’s dream but it is also a sure-fire route to maximum enjoyment behind the wheel.

We think it's fair to say that a day’s time invested with Mark, in the safe and pleasant environment of Blyton Park, will yield more results than thousands spent on performance enhancement to the car.

For further details and availability of Advanced Driving Academy Courses please email or call 01427 628922 and ask for Richard.