Development of Blyton

1. The Story so far

March 2011

Richard Usher signs long lease for the whole former Airfield site.

Late March 2011

New 1.5 mile tarmac circuit laid featuring a wide variety of corners. Circuit design tries to ensure that there is as much tarmac run-off and as few solid barriers as possible. Design committee included former touring car racer and driver coach, Eugene O’Brien and, Ace Road-tester and Evo editor, John Barker.

May 2011

Blyton Park Driving Centre opens for business. Main activities are track days, experience days and driver tuition .

March 2012

A new length of track is laid between Ushers and The Ump to give an alternative ‘short ‘ circuit with a new sequence of bends through Trubshaws, K7 and Carmen. The circuit is licensed by the MSA for sprint competition.

June 2012

The first MSA licensed sprint is run by the Midland Automobile Club.

December 2012

A new briefing suite and office is erected and the old amenities building is converted into a Clubhouse with a fully equipped Kitchen. New buildings are purchased from the Olympic Park for Marshals at The Wiggler, Bishops and Ushers corners.

2. The Future

Progressive development of more circuit layouts within the existing complex. Improved facilities for competitors and participants.